Love,Devotion,Loyality-The American Cocker Spaniel

                    Heartland's Sires

                                                              "Choctaws Little Papoose" 


  This is Choctaw. He is (AKC/CKC/APRI registered). Choctaw's Sire is a Champion in the Unisted States and as was his Grand Sire and Grand Dam. His pedigree is full of Champions all through his lineage.                                             Choctaw has a very quiet disposition, nice soft thick coat, the smaller head, shorter snout, the very long curly ears and soft sad looking eyes.                                                                                                               Choctaw is our smaller male and he is a Black/White tri meaning he is black/white and has the brown eye brows.    He is only 14" inches high at his shoulders and weights just 20 pounds.                                                               He is more of a quiet laid back fellow but does enjoy being taken for walks out on our lawn and he loves our children. He is very happy to just sit around and watch what all is happening in our yard and see the traffic go by on home.                                                                                                                                                            He is a proven Sire here at Heartland and we have been very happy with his offspring as he throws the nice short snout, the thicker build and his puppies have shown lots of intelligence and have been quick learners.                      We are planning on a litter from Choctaw in our near future.

                                                             "Frosted Cowboy Spartan" 

                                                                                      Meet Spartan! He is (AKC/CKC registered). His Sire is also a Champion and has lots of Champion pedigree in his lineage.                                                                                                                                                             Spartan is the Jim Carey of our family with a wonderful disposition. He has a very thick coat, the smaller rounded head, shorter snout with extremely long ears and tons of curls. We can not forget about his sad looking brown eyes that makes you just want to squeeze his cheeks.                                                                                                   Spartan is our bigger male whom weighs 28 pounds and is 15" inches at his shoulders. His color is Chocolate with Silver frosting hairs and he does have a white marking on his chest.                                                                          Spartan is a major love bug whom loves life to the fullest. He enjoys playing with our children, sits, speaks, lays down when told, fetches his ball and will jump up in mid air and catch it. He enjoys his morning walks and loves to bug our drama queen Mylie.                                                                                                                    Spartan is a very effectionate dog, knowing when his family members are not feeling well and he makes sure he is there resting with you showing his support.                                                                                                    Our boy is a proven Sire at Heartland and produces absolute beautiful puppies whom inherit all his great qualities.                                                                                                                                                             We are very excited for Spartan, as he has produced another wonderful litter of puppies with our Flyin' Air Mylies as of August 4th 2012. Just an adorable, plumpy litter.