Love,Devotion,Loyality-The American Cocker Spaniel

                 Heartland Kennels

  Welcome to Heartland Kennels!

  We are located in Parham Ontario in Central Frontenac also known as the Cottage Country which is 45 minutes North of Kingston Ontario. 

   Our farm is settled on 50 acres of open pastures, rolling hills, lots of big maple and pine trees throughout with the peacefulness of nature and wildlife.

   A wonderful place to make dreams come true.

   I raised AQHA foals successfully for 8 years placing them in wonderful homes. Along the way I than opened my heart to older retirement horses devoting my time and giving them the TLC and companionship to live out the remaining of their lives on greener pastures.

   I followed my heart again and I had a desireable passion to own an American Cocker Spaniel.                When I was a child, my family had an American Cocker Spaniel named Curly.                                           Curly was my Mother's shadow during the day, my Father's best friend and best hunting dog he ever had and a great playmate for each of us children. Curly had a wonderful temperment, he was loving, devoted, a companion to everyone and most of all he was loyal. 

   He was the ultimate family pet.  

   With these memories it fueled my passion to strive to breed and raise quality CKC American Cocker Spaniel puppies for my hobby.                                                                                                                         It has now become a family affair.       

    The hours of joy that our Cockers have brought into our families lives are uncountable, the bond they    have with our children are remarkable and the companionship we have built with them is a friendship for life. 

    We would like to help make other families dreams come true whom are looking for that ultimate family pet and hope you will come and meet our CKC American Cocker Spaniel puppies.

    We hope you enjoy our site.